Friday, April 6, 2012

what's with guys and long hair

Um has any one seen Jason Mraz lately? Yeah probably not because he looks completely different than he did last year. He's gotten all, earthy and grubby and long haired.
He went from.. Yes!

To...oh no!
But, hey his new song is amazing and that's why I like him! Let alone the fact that I walked down the aisle at our wedding to one of his songs. Still, this look is not pardoned.

But really, I guess it's just not my thing, the whole long hair on men thing.
 I mean, really Fabio? 

Or Kid Rock...

I get it, some are debatable. Johnny Depp, Rafael Nadal, and well, the list isn't long. Anyone I've missed? Any attractive long haired men?

You'd think guys would hate the maintenance of long hair...washing it, drying it, brushing it. And to me, there is something very unusual about a guy standing in front of the mirror with a hair brush, untangling his long locks. And I can't help but wonder, what are you trying to hide? Do you have a weird neck? Or ears...maybe it's their ears...something so awful about them that they chose to hide them under their long manes of hair. long hair cynicism has just ballooned. 

Again, to each his own, and it truly doesn't matter what I think because I'm already spoken for which I think automatically voids all my snarky opinions about men. 

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