Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday is today. fact.

Gardening, Wii Sports, Movies, Mustaches.

Just a typical sunday, right? 
Today was the witching hour of phase one of "house for sale, move & nest, future excitement" project. We completed our week long marathon of house prep with gardening, swiffering, febreezing, organizing. A few days had passed since the Mr. shaved, since he was being all rugged (which i thought was spelled rugid until google told me otherwise) and manual-labor-esque. So let me preface by saying I'm not a huge fan of the stache, but for shits and giggles, I asked him to shave everything but his mustache so I could see what he looked like with it. Apparently he thought that meant to leave it that way for our date night. It's very --- dated. It seriously has the affect of age & redneckedness -- I felt the need to ransack ashton kutcher's closet for a trucker hat to pair with the new mustache. It brings a grin to my face when I see him. 

Once our realtors showed up the Coops were able to head out on our only date this week! Sharkys for lunch -- of course, we frequent there far too often. And then we saw the Woody Allen pic, Midnight in Paris which was absolutely fantastic. I now have a new desire to trek to the romance, beauty and culture of Paris.  Maybe we should sell the house and just become nomads -- no permanent home, rather a couple dozen travel destinations. How sweet that would be. 
Naturally we capped off the evening with some Wii Sports, that which is responsible for the pair of injuries I now have. Note to self, do not back into husband while he is batting during Wii baseball. I feel like I was hit with a bat to the back of my know, that flabby part of your arm that has no muscle for self defense in situations like this. The only rewarding part was that it threw off his swing and I struck him out. And the second I've found is a pulled muscle while Wii bowling. I feel like I'm throwing my arm out every time its my turn, but even more so when I "drop" the ball before the line and have to start over. I really think working out is a good idea for me...

Yoga. I think that will help my body and my soul. Maybe tomorrow will be THE day. The day I jump in and try it -- I've got to admit I'm a bit hesitant as I'm extremely unflexible, the thought of touching my toes makes me want to go and eat a donut. It is so unfortunate to think about that I need to immediately put a donut into my system to balance out the stress that touching my toes causes. I've never been very flexible..I guess yoga will help...
I don't even like cats..
I will shamefully admit that somehow, between all of the excitement going on, I've managed to catch up on the Bachelorette on ABC over the past day. I have never watched any of these Bachelor/Bachelorette shows -- but I got hooked, catching myself shouting wise advice too this overly attached confused woman, rooting for a select few men for her to choose (JP & Ben F.) and wondering why anyone would want to be on this show. Yet it is I, with a neck ache from watching six episodes on my ipad, waiting for tomorrow's episode. The shame. 

Oh yeah and last thing, I saw something new when I logged into blogger today. It said "1 Follower" What? Awesome. I have a follower, and she's so cool! I totally forgot that people could "follow" your blog so the fact that after like 500 views in the last two weeks and no followers didnt bother me, but now I suddenly feel the warmth of..acceptance. Yep, that's all it takes and I'm feelin' fly. 

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