Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Dude's Nursery

I have hit the point in the pregnancy, 37 weeks along, where I feel like I am just sitting here waiting for little dude to arrive. The nursery is done, bags are packed, house is clean, and my to do list is almost all checked off. So I figured I'd post up some pictures of the nursery...keep in mind...that I am far too scatter brained to put together a whole room from start to finish in a cohesive and designer-y way. Our vision was simple, bright, and happy and we are really pleased with how it turned out :)

The big picture. 
The walls are Bahaman Sea Blue, lots of energy, and we just loved it. We then wanted to use accents of yellow, orange, green, and maybe a touch of pink.

I got these awesome animal prints from, Alley Kids, on Etsy.

I absolutely love these little guys by Jelly Cat. Super soft, corduroy material.

Rocking Chair from Ikea, Colorful Chevron Curtains from Urban Outfitters

Bookshelf from Ikea, wonderfully assembled and secured to the wall by James!
Contents include a beautiful music box from Hawaii from my sister and little dude's first comic books - Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America. 

Again, Dresser from Ikea wonderfully built and secured to the wall by James!
Diaper & Supply Caddy from 3Sprouts
Nightlight by Boon

On either side of the changing table:
Storage Bins by 3Sprouts, which we are using for blankets & toys and the other for dirty clothes.
Wooden word signs that I painted, which are more for us than little dude, especially during those late night diaper changings.

An amazing quilt that our awesome friend, MrsNipperKnapp , made for little dude.

A view into the crib at the white fluffy bear that my parents got for me just before I was born. 
Yes, an artifact of my beginnings. 

And that's that. The nursery, in it's near completion - we still need to find a rug - just sitting there waiting for baby to arrive. I sit there sometimes, in the rocking chair looking around and talking to my own belly, and (heck I may just get sentimental here) I feel so incredibly grateful and excited for our little guy to arrive. James and I are both already so in love with him, and can't wait to meet him on the outside. I think I may be getting to that mom-point where even if he is funny looking I'll think he's the most beautiful thing in the world, and even if he poops or pees on me I will laugh and even though I will be (and already am) exhausted I will smile. 


  1. Ah super cute! You are definitely putting me to shame! I LOVE those curtains :)

    PS I know you are probably super super busy with these last 3 weeks, but if you have time to participate, I'm doing a group post on my blog featuring fellow baby bumps! It's going up on July 16th, so if you have time to email me a few things by then that'd be great! if you are interested just email me (I couldn't find your email on here)


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