Monday, April 2, 2012

the best bananas ever

View from our room. Manzanillo, Mexico
Considering the fact that we didn't do anything for our birthdays in January because I was too busy feeling terrible, and that there will come a point in the pregnancy that I can't or won't want to fly or travel, we planned ourselves a little a honeymoon..get it? Yeah...I've been on too many pregnancy websites.

So we traveled to Manzanillo, Mexico for 5 days of having absolutely nothing that we had to do. It was fantastic. No doctor appointments, no stock market, no chores, nothing. And so we fully embraced this freedom to do...nothing. Well, not nothing exactly, we did a lot of eating, laying out by the pool and beach, reading, swimming, napping. It was perfect. A last hurrah before our little guy arrives this summer. 

Me at 22 Weeks
Speaking of the little guy, he has become extremely active! Particularly between 10pm-11pm. James can feel big kicks and movements when he puts his hand on my belly. This kid is like 1lb right now, I cant imagine the fury of his kicks at 7lbs! It's been fun though, I love having that reminder, all throughout the day and right before bed of our amazing little dude that we get to meet very soon! 

So Manzanillo is an awesome city, lot's of agriculture like farms with jalapenos and fruit and they have the absolute best bananas I have ever had...ever. It's also the safest city in all of Mexico, everyone is very nice and the weather was 80 degrees each day and now I have a nice little tan. 

We decided to both read Hunger Games on our Kindles before seeing the movie this week, and we finished it in a matter of three days while we laid out by the pool. And I am already a quarter of the way through the next book. Oh, and I am Team Peeta. Yeah I said it. I must be a hopeless romantic. Anyone else think it's funny he's a baker's son and his name is Peeta (sounds like pita pockets..which is bread..which a baker makes...okay  maybe its a stretch.)

So that's been Week 22 of the pregnancy. And I can't believe there's less than 17 weeks to go. 

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