Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sudsy To-Dos

You know you're life is wonderful when the installation of your brand new dishwasher makes you (and even your husband) gitty! That's us. This morning a short, smelly - Jackie Chan doppleganger - little man came in and got rid of our broken dishwasher. It's been broken since we moved in -- first it was as loud as a freight train, it would overheat and not release water and the soap compartment wouldnt open. All grumbles aside, out with the old and in came our beautiful, quiet, newest kitchen friend which will make our lives so much easier. 

Clean dishes for all! 

Jet Dry? Uh yes, please! 

And I get my counter tops back..no more dishes laid out on towels drying.

I told my husband I would consider this my "push gift." Who needs jewelry, Mrs. Cooper has got herself a new dishwasher! 

I feel like we've finally kicked our "to-do" list into full gear.

Get Dishwasher [CHECK]
Build Desk & Shelves for Downstairs Nook [HALF CHECK-post soon]
Clear out Office [HALF CHECK]
Organize Closet [CHECK]
Get Bedroom, Bathroom Painted
Get Nursery Planned, painted, furnished, decorated [PLANNED CHECK -post soon]
Futon for James Office
Pick out a baby name
Do Pregnancy Yoga
Sign up for Childbirth Class
Get a pedicure
Learn to Sew
Drop off at Goodwill 
Make husband delicious dinner

It seems like it just keeps getting longer
... (that's what she said!) 

Sorry, couldnt help myself.

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