Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Target, TV, Pregnancy

I have a small list of things I need to pick up from Target. 

1. Face Wash, the pink grapefruit kind with the little beads that massage my face. 
2. Palmers Lotion, for my belly and growing bits that need not develop stretch marks.
3. Workout Shorts for Husband, because all but one pair have mysteriously disappeared.
4. Rolling Pin, in hopes that i'll make some goodies soon. 
5. Tank Tops and "Comfy" pants, to cater to my growing size or lack of desire to be strapped into real clothing.

Now is better than another other time. I am dressed and up on two feet, who knows how long that will last today. Walking around target counts as my daily exercise, right? 

Today marks 18 weeks pregnant. Wednesdays are my "new week" as far as the pregnancy goes. I get a new piece of produce to compare to the size of my baby on all the pregnancy websites, I take a belly picture, and I weigh myself. Speaking of weight, I am still down 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm guessing it's because I am eating (slightly) healthier and shedding some unnecessary pounds. Either way, I am not trying to lose weight, I am trying to grow a happy, healthy baby. And I am certain that that is exactly what I am doing. But fine, I'll eat an extra funfetti cupcake tonight just to try and put on a pound or two. Sure but just because you twisted my arm.

I'm feeling the baby kick, like just now I got a little nudge from the inside. It's pretty spectacular, a bit mind blowing, and totally reassuring. He is in there and he is growing. Nothing much else is new, sleeping very little, peeing very frequently, and watching the same guilty pleasure tv that I can now blame on hormones. 

The Bachelor is one of those. And I want to throw a shoe at the tv everytime I watch because of Courtney. Don't even get me started on the lameness of Ben somehow falling for and according to spoilers (heads up) choosing at the end the one girl who is absolutely a mean, cruel, fake person. Anyway, if you watch it, we'll chat. 

Sans the Sheppards
Grey's Anatomy is another. But it's a long time love. The drama continues. My personal prediction, Owen and Christina won't make it, Avery still loves Lexi, but I do hope Lexi and Sloan get back together, and things are just perfect for Derrick, Meredith and Zola. 

Top 12 Guys
And lastly, American Idol. Last night was the first night of live performances and it was the guys. Heejun is fabulous because of his personality, Reed Grimm and Phillip Phillips are cool also, I don't do the whole voting thing, but I will personally cross my fingers for them. Tonight is the girls episode. I never like the girls as much. 

And now I shamefully end my TV rant and blame the wasted hours on my need to completely veg out a couple nights a week--because of the baby growing in me and stuff, ya know. And because they are all so far from my reality that I think I find it entertaining. I'm not a singer, a doctor, or a dramatic, crazy single desperate woman. My life is drama free and I love it. Watching drama on tv gives me something to scowl at.

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