Friday, March 9, 2012

cooking chicken aint so easy

My husband is an incredible man. He works hard without complaint, he loves our baby so much even though he's not even born yet, he makes me laugh constantly. I decided I would cook dinner for him to have ready when he arrived home from work. 

This is what I envisioned
I was going to cook up some chicken breasts and make some rice. Super simple, I know. But baby steps. I'm new to all of this. Somehow I always manage to mess things up when I cook, but I figured this would be a no fail, easy, yummy dinner. 

I get the rice going and all is well. I then put a tiny amount of oil in a pan and got the chicken cooking. Well, eventually the oil started burning, even though the chicken wasn't cooked all the way through. I keep cooking the chicken. I hear the garage door open and look around and realize the entire house is filled with smoke and it smells awful! I rush around to open all of the windows, turn the vent fan on, and apologize profusely as the Mr. walks inside and upstairs into our very own smoke shack. 

Yeah this is the pan post-chicken. It started perfectly clean with no stains.
He joins me in my attempt to air out the house. I open the patio doors and a spider lands on me and I brush it off (that makes me sound calm and composed...hah!) and the web is still attached to me and the spider, as I back away, the spider is dragged closer. It was terrible, I felt an immediate knot in my stomach - as I have a huge problem with bugs...huge problem! 

We were finally able to eat and it was good, but the house still smelled like burnt oil and the air was thick with standing smoke. 

So that was yet another wife fail,  but I tried so hard and felt so bummed out by the result. It seems even the easiest of things turn into an unexpected challenge/catastrophe when I lay my hands on it. 

And guess what? This guy never complained, he ate all of it and told me it was awesome. Love.

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