Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh yeah..forgot to mention..there's a baby in my belly.

'Tis so. 

The Coops are procreating, and a powerful and super creation we expect it to be. Now, at nearly 17 weeks along, the guilt and empty hole of bloglessness has set in. I'll give you the short of the long, or at least I'll attempt to do so as I encapsulate the new, crazy, challenging, and amazing bits of the adventure thus far.

We found out in late November, well I found out and absolutely melted with excitement when sharing with the Mr., that we would be welcoming a baby into our lives this summer. And so it began, the endless thoughts, dreams, lists, ideas, wonders of what was to come...for the rest of our lives. 

At week 5 my personal living hell began. But, with the most amazing husband and family to support me in positive thoughts, I was constantly reminded, through the puking and misery, that this meant it was a strong pregnancy. Extra hormones helping baby to grow. 

DiRuscio's on Christmas
Christmas with Mr Coop
Eatin' Candy Hike
Sugar Bowl at Super Dome NOLA
I got a brief and unexpected ten day relief from the sickness from Christmas Eve through the New Year, allowing me to enjoy a hike with friends, the holidays with the family, our first doctor appointment hearing the strong heartbeat of our little monkey, and our trip to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl.

 And suddenly it returned, though all my hopes were that it had forever passed. Another 5 weeks of throwing up, exhaustion, and overall ickyness. Waiting for that day everyone talked about, where everything was suddenly better, while also fearing it would NEVER go away. And then it happened...the day before I was 14 weeks along. I no longer wanted to stay in bed all day. I no longer dreaded eating. I no longer threw up. What?! It had passed, it was fantastic. 

And well, that pretty much brings us to now. I am about 17 weeks along, I haven't thrown up in three weeks, I have a little bit more energy, and I have just gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight (lost a bit in the first trimester with all the sickness). Oh yeah, and at our last appointment we found out that we are having a boy! Pretty sweet deal, we are over the moon excited and already love our little dude so much. 

I have a slight baby bump, but it's the at the awkward cant-tell-if-it's-a-pouch-or-baby-bump phase, so I try to do that pregnant lady thing where I rest my hand on it every once in a while to signify that it's my baby in there, not my lunch. Because I'm neurotic. Or ridiculous for even caring that I look slightly bloated. Even though I know that I am growing a freaking human being in my body! It's absolutely mind blowing, and strange, and amazing. 

Way too many stories to share, or things I've experienced. Here's just a few new realities I am faced with. 

1. "Oops I just peed a little" is no longer a joke to express how hard you just laughed. No, it's life. Real life. A sneeze, cough, or laugh does it. That along with having to pee every 30 minutes leaves me with a new awareness of where the nearest bathroom is at all times.

2. I would not be alive if it weren't for my awesome husband. My first trimester left me in bed ALL day, except when my head was in the toilet. I was weak, tired, sick, and generally an absolute mess. He would bring me food, he would go to work, he would wash dishes, he wouldn't judge me for not showering for days on end, he didnt get grossed out when I threw up into plastic bags while we were in the car - every time, he listened when I had emotional breakdowns. I am forever grateful for his patience, strength, and power to make me laugh through the tears and smile through the struggle. Couldn't have a better partner in life, seriously amazed by this man.

3. There is no longer any space in my mind for thoughts other than the baby's clothes, the baby's nursery, the baby's health, the baby's arrival, all the fun things we have planned to do with our baby, etc, etc. We talk to my stomach to the baby. He seriously is already the center of our world. It's crazy the instincts that kick in and the mushy love stuff that inevitably just appears when you have a baby on the way. 


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  1. Love the blog Alex! Congrats on the hubby, the baby, and everything you're doing!


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