Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Muppet Movie

We had a night out exploring Old Town, saw a friends play, had dinner, and decided to see the Muppet Movie. We went to this little theatre and laughed that it was fancy because of the 3 feet of red carpet out in front of the doors. We figured (and were so wrong) that it would be like Arclight, a couple dollars more than usual movie tickets because the seats are a little more plush and they are assigned. 

Oh, how mistaken we were. It's our turn, "Two tickets to the Muppet Move at 9:15 please," up pops $58. We looked at eachother in a bit of disbelief and confusion, clearly seeing the looks on our face the hostess explains what this particular theatre is all about. You chose your seats, there is a full bar and lounge area, and a full menu that you order straight from your theatre seats. We figured, let's go ahead with it, it's something fun to try. 

We descend the two escalators down to the theatre, it is like in some top secret underground cave. We walk through the lounge and bar area, which is basically a little night club. We are personally escorted to our seats which happen to be giant, plush, fully reclining chairs. Some people have blankets, shoes off, looking like they are about the nap. The server comes around to take orders, you get free popcorn and they didn't charge James for his soda. It's a very luxurious two hours, it's kind of ridiculous. 

This was my first exposure to the Muppet Movie, and when Jason Segel first broke into song, I looked to James and said, "What the hell am I watching?" And about 30 seconds later I was singing along and bobbing my head. I loved this movie. It was amazingly fun and silly. Fozzy Bear is my guy. 

All in all it was a new-put-your-feet-up and smile kind of experience. 

Last night we watched The Muppets take Manhattan, I am being gradually indoctrinated into the wonderous world of Muppets. 

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