Sunday, November 20, 2011

it's that time of year again

I get so excited when it's cloudy and rainy out. It's because I'm from SoCal. I mean, Southern California. I hate saying "SoCal" because I feel like I'm acting all hoity-toity [which I just learned isn't an actual word, but I think it's an actual saying?]. "SoCal" reminds me of being in sixth grade when all the girls had their AIM screen names and they all started with "Cali," stuff like CaliGirl5769 or CaliCutie2290.  Like it was so cool for us to be from California, that we wanted to include it into our screen names and to make it that much easier for the internet creepers to figure out where we lived. I want to make one that is like IdahoHoe or MinnieSoda or something all cute like that. Throw the creeps off my trail, having them search the empty plains of middle(ish) America. Except no one uses AIM anymore and I'm not 14. So cancel that super clever plan of mine.

It's cloudy and rainy and I love it because I don't feel all hermit-y for not leaving the house or for staying in my oversized sweater and slippers all day. I'm just obeying the laws of nature. And I just looked at my iphones weather and it says it's meant to rain on Thursday--Thanksgiving! What? A SoCal holiday that has a fitting weather prediction? Yes! My whole childhood I woke up on Christmas mornings disappointed to see the sun was out. We never had snowy Christmas' and very few that were even cloudy. Sad SoCal childhood. Though I'm sure if we suddenly had snow all winter I would be moaning and groaning about how cold it was and that I couldn't leave the house. I'm never happy. 

My lovely little family is coming up for Thanksgiving, so it will be the 5 of us. I sent out a handy little email to sign up for the items they wanted to help make and I'm going to prepare my grocery list and kitchen schedule/organization for the day of. I'm not usually this anal about things, but I am taking all measures and precautions necessary to avoid a stressful day. Because I'm a grown up, and I shouldn't have to stress if I don't want to. Thanksgiving is about eating good food, being with awesome people, and relaxing. Not stressing and sweating and slaving over the meal while almost-kind-of-accidentally-dropping-a-pan-on-someones-head. I plan to fight the inevitability of crowded kitchen tension by blasting Christmas music, eating all the desserts before dinner, and getting everyone drunk, I mean relaxed, with some nice wine. 
Yeah, this is actually my family. Pretty bad ass.
And this guy of course, super husband. love.
Oh yes, and did I mention this Thanksgiving is very special. It will be the first Thanksgiving in 7 years that I will be eating turkey! Yep, I've thrown my vegetarian ways out the window and have been a happy chicken and turkey eater for the past month or so. No red meat for this lady, but bring on the chicken and turkey. My sister so perfectly put it this way, "The way you're headed, I wouldn't be surprised if you ate your own baby." Not quite sister, not quite. Oh, and no baby yet, but one day when we do have one, I still won't eat my baby. Unless that baby is made out of Chik-fil-a or juicy turkey. 

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