Tuesday, November 15, 2011

swiffer therapy

We went to Target yesterday for a few things. One being the new Swiffer WetJet! 

Let's just say, I cannot wait to get to cleaning today. I know, I know. It sounds crazy. But ladies listen up...this is what happens to you when you get married. Or I'm just morphing into some grown up woman who gets gitty over the prospect of super clean floors accomplished with ease. 

Aw. I seriously love life. I love that the Swiffer gets me excited. It feels a whole lot simpler when you appreciate the things you once dreaded. I feel like I've officially been initiated into womanhood. 

Also, I decided to play NCAA Football on the XBOX  [SO MANY CAPITALS] with my husband. I felt certain that I could figure it out and beat him. I thought he'd think I was super cool for beating him in a man's football game. Yeah, because I'm 12 and I want my husband to think I'm "super cool." Well, that didn't happen. We played for 2 hours. I lost everytime. And I lost bad. But he still thinks I'm alright. 
Aside from the usual, keeping my self busy by launching our new website with all sorts of cool articles and posts to help people in life. Doing pretty good, almost 1000 visitors in 24 hours, which is great. I'm very lucky and grateful to have an incredibly supportive husband who encouraged me to quit the job that made me miserable. Since then we got married, honeymooned, moved out, moved in, traveled a few times and here we are six months later. I've been working on quite a few things from home since then, none of them however have proven to be source of instant income. More like investments of time into creating things that will become sustainable. So with the 4 projects I'm juggling, hopefully I will soon make some headway and create different streams of passive income from them. This has gotten far too grown up, far too quickly. 
I'm going to go Swiffer my thoughts away and snack on the amazeballs Ghiradelli brownies I made the other night. Guess I should just embrace and enjoy life as it is, it's pretty rad. 

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