Saturday, November 26, 2011

the best part about being a grown up

I know it's easy to say, "Aww how I wish I was a child again. Life was so simple and easy back then." Or maybe not so eloquently put, "F*ck this, I'm tired of being an adult with all these adult worries and stress and shit." I'm sure we've all said/felt/thought both of those. The dread of present troubles and the pleasure of the good old days. 

I've always loved being an adult, don't get me wrong, some times have been stressful and crazy, and filled with too many responsibility-filled decisions and choices, but, seeing as I don't like being told what to do, being an adult has been pretty kick ass. So here's some reasons why...
Mr. & Mrs. when we were munchkins
1. Getting to be a kid whenever you want. You thought we had to let go of childhood when we became adults? Aww, quite the contrary, we can chose to be kids whenever we want. I can play, I can goof off, I can be hyper but I can also then chose to be mellow and thoughtful. As a kid, we have no control. We are just nuts. 

2. I can have whatever I want for breakfast and eat my dessert and dinner in any order that I like. 

3. There is no "bedtime." Which means I can go to bed as early or as late as I like. Maybe it's 8pm and I am ready to snuggle up and fall asleep. Maybe it's midnight and we are playing video games, that works too. 

4. Being able to say bad words...unless of course, your mom reads your blog and you censor out your F-Bombs. 

5. Choosing where to go on vacation. As a kid we went on a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco. We had two chihuahuas at the time and couldn't leave them home so they joined us on this monstrous drive. Two, whiny, little dogs for hours upon hours. As an adult, I would have never chosen to do that. I probably wouldn't have chosen to have chihuahua's either. But I was a kid, and so my fate it was.

6. What's for dinner, is a question we no longer ask others, but one we ask ourselves. Such an open ended awesome question with no right or wrong answer unless you are on some crazy diet that allows you to eat only purple foods, or meat with no carbs or whatever else exists in our world today. We just read about the African Mango and how it's super good for weight loss. You have to order it from Africa. And you have to eat tons of it. I like food that I don't have to ship in and wait a week and a half for. And as an adult, I can chose to eat the African Mango or the homestyle baked "grown up" mac & cheese. 
Mr. 2009

Mrs. 2009

Why do you like being a "grown up"? 

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