Friday, October 21, 2011

Our new Crib, yo!

It's been a busy, two weeks.  Full of change and new things. I mentioned all the stuff happening in the last post, so I'll save you the details. Absolutely loving everything, and so happy with all of our decisions. And, fully appreciative of my husband's new interest in decorating. He's built us Ikea furniture, painted hallways, and slaved over a wall decal, and I think he is quite enjoying it. Whenever we mention something else we want to add, whether it may be wall decor, a welcome mat for outside or a tissue box holder, my husband instantly replies with, "Let's check on Etsy." Words no woman would expect to hear, words that made me a proud wife. I love it. 

Living Room, Couches: The Sofa Co, TV Tables: Ikea

Loving our new dining table. (with extra leaf in) seats up to 8!
Our new hallway, thanks Etsy! But a pain in the ass to put up.

From front door. Love the cozyness of living room and energy of dining room.

And to go with the new coffee table, I made some homemade coasters. Loving Mod Podge.  

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  1. Woot GO ALEX! Your coasters look awesome. Along with the rest of your house!


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