Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hips Don't Lie

Finally back into pants that have buttons and zippers. Not that I'm all that excited. I have an open stance on making it socially acceptable to wear maternity - aka elastic waisted - pants at all times. Not because I want to gain 300lbs and forget about my middriff's well being, but because it is SO comfortable..and convenient for that matter. You dont have to button or zip and when you've got a crying baby, being able to pee in a flash is highly sought after. And it's not like I'm showing off my waist and anyone would even know the difference. [Judge me, I dare you, because I would probably judge you for squishing yourself back into real jeans too soon.]  Either way, I'm into real people jeans again. 

Which takes a lot of stress off. I lost all of my baby weight within 2 weeks of having Henry, and I am currently 5lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. But when I went to buy jeans two weeks ago, I was only fitting into pants 2 sizes up. It was absolutely discouraging. I literally got hives on my neck while mulling through the aisles at target and having to swallow my pride with the dressing room lady as I made 4 trips in and out with new sizes. I couldn't understand because the weight was gone. Well, it so happens that a baby making his way through my body into the world eff'd with my hips. Making them as wide as a six lane highway. I'm surprised we didnt need to purchase a second seat on the plane just for me and my hips. [Oh yeah, airplane, we had our first family vacation...awesome. I'll probably post very soon with far too many pictures]

Well the good news is, the hips are moving back all on their own, and I'm back to fitting in my old jeans. You can now all rest easy, I have been made 2% more tolerable with the world now that my biggest worry has been lifted. Don't get me wrong, I'm still an unfiltered, impulsive, judgmental and hormonal momma. And I'm sort of okay with that. I've got my people, thats all I need.

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