Monday, November 26, 2012

Days like these...

So I'm kind of in love with my little family. Sometimes I'm all hormonal and emotional, and oh-poor-me-and-my-feelings, and my awesome husband snaps me back to reality by reminding me of how cool we've got it. Some snuggles, laughs, and fresh air and I'm good to go. 

Little stink had his 4 month appointment and totally manned up through his shots. Tough sucker, that kid blows me away. In other news, he has also added a wake up or two at night since then. Sleep...comee...back.... But to be fair, we've been very spoiled with having an excellent sleeper, so now I guess we are back to what "normal" babies do. Grumble. Oh yeah and my peanut butter obsession-slash-craving has subsided. We spent three solid days eating nothing but Thanskgiving left overs, and we've been going on more walks, which I am totally loving. Kiddo loves reading and drooling all over us. Slobbery kisses are the best kind. [From babies. Not grown humans. That's just sloppy. Come on now.] We had a grown up date and saw Book of Mormon, I had a dream about an invention and we are so going to actually make it real. It's great to be a Cooper. 

Because he loves me.

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