Monday, May 14, 2012

Learning? Really?

TLC: The Learning Channel.

But what are we really learning? I found myself skimming through the guide on my tv, reading all of the titles of the upcoming shows on TLC. I was shaking my head, in an obviously-i-am-better-than-these-people kind of way. One might expect shows on nature, or home decorating, or cooking, or history, anything that actually involves LEARNING. Overtime, TLC has evolved into a freak show. I hope my frankness doesn't offend. And if offense is taken, maybe, just maybe, this is the network for you.

What are we really learning? 

How NOT to raise our children? How creepy little girls with fake tans, false eyelashes, and make up look? Thank you for the warning, "Toddlers & Tiaras."

Are we learning about how crazy people don't know they are pregnant until they "poop" out a baby? Thank you for the heads up, "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant."
How we can have a really meaningful relationship with a mannequin, or somehow survive extreme levels of toilet paper ingestion?  Thank you for the...discomfort, "My Extreme Obsession."

That living in a house full of newspapers piled to the ceiling, with maze like paths, bugs, mold, and sadness may indicate a need for help. Thank you for the life lessons, "Hoarders."

I get it, it's entertainment. People enjoy watching train wrecks. They (and they includes myself...guilty) enjoy watching things that are far from their own reality. But really, the learning channel? 

I think it's a sign that I follow my heart and return to NatGeo and Discovery Channel when yearning for some learning.

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