Tuesday, May 15, 2012

blood tests and brownies

It's been months since I've baked. I don't know what caused me to take a sabbatical on the baked goods, or at least those that I made myself. Maybe it was the mental preoccupation about strollers, and nursery rugs, and breast pumps, and a growing belly. Well, the reasons are neither here nor there, the homemade baked goods sabbatical has ended. I made brownies yesterday. Amazing, delicious, perfect brownies. Chocolatey, fudgy, chewy brownies, with marshmallow puff stuff mixed into the batter. It's my [not-so] secret ingredient. 

I had my 1-hour Glucose Tolerance Test last week. For those that don't know what this is, it's a test done around your 25th-28th week of pregnancy that tests you for Gestational Diabetes (eek!). I wasn't allowed to eat or drink for 2 hours prior to my test, I came in and had to drink about 6 oz of a flat-extra-sugary-orange-soda type glucose concoction. It actually wasn't that bad, I was pleasantly surprised as most of the women on the pregnancy websites talk about how miserable it was. And then I sat and waited for an hour before they drew my blood...once again. I've never had so much blood taken in a 6 month period of my life before. Basically, if your numbers aren't "normal" they have you come in for a 3-hour test (ick!) before finding out if you have GD or not. My biggest fear was having to do the 3-hour test and go hours without food and hours sitting in a waiting room. That seemed to be just about the most miserable thing I could imagine. It was never a worry about having GD. I get it, my priorities are mixed up. Take away my food and my comfort, I kill you. I got the call yesterday and all my results were normal! Yay! And I was then happily on my way to get the makings for brownies. 

I will never be made to feel bad about my decisions, especially my decisions during my pregnancy. I have been doing so well, I have been making balanced choices, keeping myself active and all of the results from both myself and the baby have been wonderful! I have never and will never claim to be the healthiest person around. That's just not me, and I have no desire for it to ever be me. I love the food I love too much. It gives me pure joy. So be it, I say. The moral of this somewhat defensive rant is...I ate a brownie this morning, and I might have another one before the day is over. Simply because I deserve it. 

Baby will be here in 11 weeks! I cannot believe it. 

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