Wednesday, April 25, 2012

hello! hello? uh...hello

Made by our wonderful friend for the little guy!
I'm finding that it is getting more and more difficult to write. Writer's block of sorts. Maybe pregnancy and baby hormones are blocking the clever writing part of my brain. And then I wonder, maybe my life just isn't interesting enough to write about right now. But that's not so. There are things that happen everyday that make me laugh, scoff, or think. Things I would love to share. However I seem to have lost the ability to formulate paragraphs and sentences and stories. Instead all I can do is just blurt out what's in my head. 

So that is what I will do. For my sake, not so much yours. But perhaps, you'll still take pleasure in the happenings that I think are worth sharing. 

My chest is growing at a ridiculous rate. I had already gone up a size in the first few months, and just this week I had to get resized at the wonderful VS. My husband joined me but stayed in tow as we walked through, looking for a lady with her tape measurer. She measured and says that I am now a 36D almost DD I reflexively look at my, seemingly out of place, husband and raise my eyebrows. As soon as they whisk me away to a dressing room he shouts over to me, "I will be out there," pointing to the outside of the store as if it is some place of safety. I couldn't help thinking, a D almost DD? Holy cow! This is why my XL sports bra is a little snug. And it explains the sudden stretching pain I sometimes feel in my boobs when I roll over at night and gravity seems to be tugging them in the opposite direction. Oh poor boobs. 

Speaking of boobs, I have just discovered that my app on my iphone pronounces words when you look them up. It has kept me quite entertained to say the least. My favorites thus far are Poop and Boobs. The lady so eloquently says them, it is such a conflict with the words themselves that I can't help but snicker like a four year old. Try it, do it. And tell me good words to look up. 

Have you guys heard about the nearly 1 million photos of NYC that have been released? Old photos that they have spent years digitizing. They are amazing. And there are so many, here are some that I've seen so far that are amazeballs.

The baby is the size of lettuce this week apparently. 26 Weeks pregnant, and the end, or beginning, is coming closer and closer. I've been doing pretty good at keeping my pregnant self active. I walk a 3.5 mile loop atleast 3 times a week. It's been going pretty well and I definitely feel good after I've gotten that exercise in. I also got my teeth cleaned last week. And I shower on a daily basis. All said, I'm doing pretty good at keeping myself up, ya know, not withering away into a messy blob of pregnant lady. 

This bee was creepily watching me make dinner from the outside of the window last night. Shiver. 

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