Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the day to day

We are halfway along and almost to the starting line of parenthood. Twenty weeks have passed and twenty more are to come. It's funny how quickly it seems to have gone, yet how far away the due date feels. 

I am feeling wonderful, my biggest annoyance is the fact that I have a bloody  nose most of the time. Apparently your nasal capillaries expand when you are pregnant. Because that makes so much sense? Other than that, I don't have too many aches and pains, I can deal with peeing every twenty minutes, and luckily I have a flexible enough schedule that if I don't get good sleep at night I can nap, or sleep in a little. Plus, feeling the little guy kick and move in my belly is pretty much worth it all. 

I am super grateful to be able to be home while pregnant, rather than being strapped to a 9 to 5 job but I am getting that restless feeling. I have tons of projects and things I want to do, however, the freedom that I've always wanted is somehow leaving me with no direction. I feel like a kid standing in the middle of Krispy Kreme overwhelmed at all of the different donuts and simply just melting down in stress over the possibilities and options rather than making a choice. I know right, if this is the biggest complaint in my life than I might as well shut up. Well this is my blog, and I will moan and groan about things that aren't even worth complaining about because...because I said so!

Some things I want to do with my "free time":
-Become an expert in animals
-Learn to sew
-Blog more regularly
-More photography
-Craft Projects
-More pregnancy exercises (ie yoga)

On another note, I finally went to Trader Joe's yesterday and oh how I have missed it. We have a grocery store 5 minutes away, and Trader Joe's is 15 minutes away, so it's always so much easier to drive down the road and shop at the blah grocery store. I know, cue the eye rolls...15 minutes isn't hardly a commute, my life is so petty. I think we've now decided it's worth the 15 minute drive to meander down the aisles of the fresh produce, great frozen meals, and yummy treats and TJs. Last nights dinner was a ceasar salad, arugula ravioli and turkey meatballs. We haven't had such a great meal at home in a long time. And tonight? Chicken fajitas! 

I'm off to munch on tortilla chips and spicy black bean dip. Oh my, my heart has been reclaimed. 

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