Saturday, March 10, 2012

nursery vision board

It's funny what happens, when you're planning out a new space, especially for something like a little baby. You suddenly feel empowered, as if you're some sort of interior designer, that you know just what's best, to the point that you hope your husband will simply smile and nod in absolute agreement that you've come up with the perfect decorating plan. And so far, all has gone as planned. Colors are picked out, furniture is picked out and waiting to be ordered, little decorations here and there are bookmarked (and pinterest'd).

We are going with Bahaman Sea Blue for the walls, and the other colors, yellow, orange, green are ideas for accent colors in decor and such. 

Similar Wall Color

Ideas for Rugs


Curtains/Bedding Ideas

Other Decor

I think we'll be just fine, one day we'll be up to our ears in diapers and giggles, and little squishy fingers and toes and nothing else will really matter.

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