Friday, August 5, 2011

New Stuff, WooHoo Stuff

So we've been out of town for a couple of weeks, doing some pretty cool things. Spending time with lots of friends and playing like kids. Speaking of kids, we want some. We want some soon. We have friends with little ones, friends soon to be expecting, it's all happening at the same time, and like the usual bandwagoners that we are, we want to join the baby owners club. 

In the spirit of plans to soon be impregnated -okay its actually just so I can feel all pretty again- I'm working out and drinking all my sludgey green stuff. Kind of ironic. Going to lose weight, and then probably shortly thereafter,  have a little person growing inside of me.  Isnt it an excuse to gain weight? Naw, I want to be that lady who from behind looks hot and sexy, and then from the front you realize she's pregnant. 

On my run today, pre-occupying my mind, I started judging people based on their homes. I ran by one house, who I strongly believe I would NOT be friends with. They had no less than 5 signs on their front gates. "NO PARKING. You WILL be ticketed & towed." and "CURB YOUR DOG. Pick up their defication." Defication? Really? Assholes. And then there's the neighbor that has a cat in the window. I am not a cat person. And the old guy who sits on his porch staring at everyone that passes...yes sir, that is welcoming. Do you happen to have any creepy candy inside your creepy house? I'd love to come in, all alone -- or maybe your windowless van? Sure thats is fine too. 

We're beyond excited to be moving into our new home at the end of August. Maybe our neighbors there will be better. Let me let a dog deficate on their lawn or park in front of their driveway. Yes, maybe, just maybe. Aw a new house, for our new life, and our future new family, our new big tv and *fingers crossed* new furniture and new curtains, new throw pillows, new city. 

It's been an ordinary week, and the thing that I love about that is, that if this is ordinary, there is no way our life will ever be boring. Feeling absolutely content, pleased, happy with each and every moment. So cheesy I know, so mushy, especially for a sarcastic, crass individual like myself. But it is life rocks. My husband is bomb. yep, i said it, bomb! as in absolutely explosively awesome. Go husband! 

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  1. Omg! Do it! But you need to tell that husband of yours that the weight you gain during pregnancy is predetermined. I really don't think you have any control over it. A girlfriend of mine who is ripped, and skinny skinny skinny, gained 80lbs with both of her kids while working out and eating right, and then lost it. I gained 35lbs with both kids and I ate ten times as much as Nipper, burgers, pizza, cake, everything. You just eat well, and what ever makes you (and baby) feel good! And yes, it's the only time in a girl's life she doesn't have to suck in her tummy. Enjoy! Xoxo Mrsnipperknapp


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