Saturday, July 16, 2011

Carmageddon, really? Life goes on. and on. and on.

Carmageddon [kahr-muh-ged-n] noun: the overly dramatic uproar and panic over the temporary shut down of the 405 freeway from the 10 to the 101. 

Alright, so everywhere you turn there is something about..dun dun dun...Carmageddon. It's become almost entertaining. I heard the police on the news saying "treat it like a disaster," oh yeah and those $4 flights from Long Beach to Burbank, crazyness. There are cities in the midwest that have had tornados, storms and full on floods. Cities in the south that have faced hurricanes. Cities all over the world that have endured tsunamis and earthquakes. And here we are in Los Angeles, fussing over a freeway closure for two days. I get it, it's inconvenient, and it's "something" happening and like most cliche LA residents, we must make it more than it is, we must capitalize on it's happening. We saw shops with "I survived Carmageddon" specials and t shirts. It's become a thing. It's a noun known by all Angelenos. So to say the least, we are staying put at home on our side of town, staying update on street and freeway traffic via Facebook status updates.
Still packing. It feels endless. It IS endless. But the end is nearing and for that I see the light. On the bright side, I found a $100 Bloomingdales gift card that my father in law got me for Christmas. I decided to treat myself to a little shopping trip after my painful dentist appointment as it was right next door...why not, right? I am not a huge fan of shopping and I rarely splurge on a big purchase for myself, so as you could imagine, Bloomingdales isnt my usual place of perusal. It's nothing like Target. Love Target. But armed with a gift card, I went in willingly, with an open mind, though judging the $75 tank tops and $90 t shirts. I needed jeans, that gave me some direction. I found that they are in excess of $150- wtf. I looked at the sparse clearance rack of jeans, and found a great pair. The right darkness, soft,a great cut. But they were a size 29. I am used to being a size 7. Double digit sizes are a lot more depressing, but I get it, that's just the fancy pants sizes. Low and behold, I am a size 29! The pants I loved fit perfectly and flattered my..assets. They were originally $170 and I got them for....$85!!! A-mazing. And the most expensive single piece of clothing I have. I will not be enjoying spaghetti sauce, fruit punch, or ketchup while wearing these pants. Stains are not welcome.

So back to packing it is. Been moving boxes and furniture all day. Sweaty and stinky. I stink. Like balls. And even still, I went out in my white slip ons, my husbands michigan shorts, a random t-shirt and hair up to get cupcakes! It's our savior. It's our joy. It is THE only thing that would be worth going out looking all mismatched and smelling like balls. 
I understand your concern of my excessive cupcake eating. Don't worry, I've been running, I'm not 500lbs. 

And for my fellow people of great taste. Harry Potter 7.2 was fantastic. I cried, I laughed and I wished it never ended. I'm a huge nerd for it. Random story. I was at home depot with a cart full of packing paper and cardboard boxes and an older, awkward employee comes up and blurts out "do you want to see harry potter with me tonight?" Was hilarious, after I informed him that I was seeing it with my husband that night, I walked away wondering how he knew I was a fan of harry potter. Do i walk with the stature of a Gryffindor, do I ooze the essence of a Hogwarts student or do i simply stink of nerd? Whatever it may be, I am proud. 

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