Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crappy Cramps. Grumble.

This week is hell. It's that time of the month. I don't know why we give it any power by saying "its that time of the month." It's like calling Voldemort (YEAH! I SAID IT, VOLDEMORT) "He Who Must Not Be Named." Let's face it, right in the face, without shame or fear or powerlessness. I am on my period this week. Oh and it sucks. And it makes it more sucky when you hear horrendously cheesy references to it as "Aunt Flow is visiting" or whatever other nonsense people like to use to sugarcoat it with.  My apologies if this is a harsh over reaction, it's the hormones, it's that damn aunt flow -- or the fact that my insides are twisting and turning and all I want is to down a bottle of nyquill and knock myself out until the world is happy and cheery and sunny again.

Okay, so it's not hell. It's just, in this very moment, painful and uncomfortable. But that's passing, everything is otherwise, fantastic. The Mr. and I played tennis yesterday, so much fun. We arent really any good, but it's a good work out. And I'm getting a nice even tan with this weather. And it's hilarious to play with my husband. He's a big kid, so he makes up rules as he goes along, and hes not overly competitive, which makes it just awesome. Somehow in real tennis I feel good, but in Wii tennis I always end up pulling some strange side muscle while playing. 

We see alot of movies. Captain America was our recent one. Awesome. It's probably now second on my list of super hero movies (after the Iron Man movies of course). Never been a fan of spiderman, superman, or even batman. Not sure why. But Captain America proved itself to be awesome. Which is good, because after Green Lantern, I was questioning the world. 

I balance out my current misfortune of menstrual womanhood by looking ahead to the awesome things soon to come. Move into new place in 3 weeks - yay! Ann Arbor trip in 5 weeks - yes! London Trip in 7 weeks - whoop! Period done in 4 days - thank goodness! 

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