Monday, July 11, 2011

ryan seacrest & cupcakes

Do you ever have those dreams that you wake up from, interrupting them right in the middle, wishing that it would have been able to keep going because it felt like it was all happening for real? I did last night. 

It involved my secret crush, ryan seacrest. 

Dreams don't make a whole lot of sense but this is what I can remember from it for those that analyze dreams:

I was standing in a crowd, Ryan Seacrest walked by, I smiled and said hi. A few minutes later his assistant came back and pointed to me and handed me six slips of paper and said, you get to come with me and pick out six cupcakes. So I followed him, and remember there wasnt much of a selection. I chose six but when I looked back in my pack of six someone had taken four of them. So again I began choosing, there was a small chocolate and a big chocolate and i put those in. Then the next thing I know, I'm standing in this crowd and Ryan is in the distance, kind of on a stage and he smiles at me and I remember making a squinty face for whatever reason. Then the lady in front of him says "Okay, I'll take you, and you." Pointing at myself and some other unimportant person. Then walking toward the stage Ryan puts his arm out and says "I'll take Alex." As we crossover the stage he mentions that he lost a bidding war on ebay for a poodle which costs $300/month. To which I replied "Oh that's nothing for a poodle." WTF? Then we sit down at a table, and we have some sort of script of a play that we're going to have to read from -- to entertain the masses I assume? We end up chatting and we were about to take a picture together on my iphone when suddenly -- I am awake. Bahumbug! 

Anyway, goes to show what I think about --- cupcakes.
Random thought: these came up on image search, i LOVE them.
We hit up about six different places for sale this weekend with our realtors. It was about 120 degrees out. I was sticky and cramping, because oh yeah, I'm a woman who will be a baby carrier in the future because I have a f*cking period every month. Kill me.
this is how i feel right now. Fat, lazy, sore boobs. (i laugh every time I look at this -- I apologize to art snobs who dont think I respect the artistic beauty of this. She just looks like I feel inside)
That's right, houses. A couple of them had the owner, instead of their listing agent, show us around which is awkward as all hell. You have to keep in thoughts like "what is with this hideous tiling in the shower?" or "the smell of filipino food is suffocating me." or "is the floor meant to be sloping downward?" 

We saw the good, the bad and the ugly. Found a couple we liked, looking in different parts of town and started narrowing in on what we really want. It's an adventure, that's for sure. If only packing up and becoming nomads was a seriously easy thing to do. Commitment is difficult for me (except with my superhero husband. That was the easiest choice I've ever had to make!). We just signed a 6 month lease on an apartment so we have somewhere to live until we find a house. That 6 month commitment caused unbelievable anxiety and my patient and fearless husband had to talk some sense into me. That we aren't literally "stuck" there. I hate plans. I hate being stuck. I think I just hate people right now. It's the hormones, don't blame me. 

Spa in a couple days. Breathe. 

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