Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a first: craigslist

So this whole selling the house process went into hyperspeed and happened quicker than we imagined. Well we imagined it, but that was the "hah, you know what would be an ideal situation?" Yeah well, that came true. So we're in first gear -- or is it second gear? I drive an automatic so I dont know exactly which one is the gear that helps you climb a hill faster. But we're there, climbing this sell/move/pack hill and it's awesome. The Mr.'s constant, "I'm not worried, we'll get it done and everything will work out how it's meant to" attitude sure does balance out my "okay, we need to get more boxes, packing paper and cushiony stuff for all the kitchen things, we need to find a storage unit, we need to get a temporary apartment until we find our dream home, oh and there's three open houses we should look at tomorrow" attitude. We're perfect together. 

With the move, we are trying to get rid of bulk. Extra furniture that we dont want/need/like. I figured we could yard sale some of this stuff but we likely wouldnt get more than $10 for some of the furniture, so I tried Craigslist-- which I had never done before. I am now hooked. I put up an ad and pictures of this dresser/armoire thing I had moved into my office after we got a new dresser for the bedroom.  So there I sat, putting up my listing.  

And low and behold I got atleast 6 people who were really interested in it. I confirmed with one person, but asked for their number so I could call to give them our address. I'm really hesitant to give away that info to a stranger, especially on craigslist. You never know who it is, and if I were a bad guy, I would probably say I wanted to come look at the dresser also and then come in and be a bad guy. So anyway, I called and it was a very nice lady, and just in case she was like a tag team of robbers or something, I made sure to mention "oh and my husband will be here help us move the dresser." Just so they knew I wouldnt be some lonely woman at home. 

Anyway, they drove from Santa Monica, came to the house and looked at the dresser. It's kind of an awkward situation. Her and her husband, me and mine, all standing in my office silently staring at the dresser. She asked a couple of questions, asked her husband what he thought and like many men, didnt seem to care either way. She said, after rubbing a small scratch on the side of it, "would you take $75?" of course I said yes! I mean, they had driven all the way from the other side of town to pick it up. She then said "I have to run to the ATM at the store on the corner, we'll be back." And so they went.

We waited a few minutes and jokingly said, "what if they arent coming back?" Then over 20 minutes had passed, (the store is literally 2 blocks down the street) and James said "they arent coming back." We laughed about how we got stood up, and how I probably would have used that same excuse instead of telling someone "no thanks." I had hope, insisting "Maybe they went to dinner." It was after 9pm. And then we saw it, a car returning and backing up to the house. They came back! With money! After the adventure of the men carrying it down the front steps and putting it into the back of their hatchback, it was success. My first craigslist sale. 

Guess what I'm doing this afternoon? Taking pictures and posting ads! Cha-ching.

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