Friday, June 10, 2011

Working from home

I quit my day job just before the wedding, I figured that was a good time to start over. I was unhappy at my job, undervalued, and well, I'm capable of a hell of a lot more than I was doing there. 

So it's been two weeks since I've been "working from home." 

A lot comes along with that...
It kind of zaps all of the "not enough time" "not enough energy" excuses.

A guilt that has driven me to make the bed and do the dishes every day.
A guilt that has just today gotten me to move my 20lb heavier self than when I met the Mr.  

Is it guilt? Or simply is it because I'm a WIFE now? 

Wives make beds and do dishes right? 

Or maybe it's the haunting thought of women who "let themselves go" once they are married. O.M.G. is that me? Have i let myself go? Probably. 

So I did it, I drove myself to Runyon Canyon at about 10:30 this morning -- [full disclosure: after having a deliciously baked cupcake for breakfast] -- and I spent an hour hiking. Not a minute of it was easy. I'm quite impressed. 

I'm exhausted, and certain I burned like 5,000,0000 calories. I wish, I hope. Well maybe. I gave it my all, I was eating an apple while hiking, slobbering and making grunting noises. It was for real. I guess it's time to have some avocado (and not a cupcake, not a cupcake -- tear) and black beans or something for protein since i'm not much of a carnivore. Anyway, thats day 1 for me. So far. Thinking of picking up the kettle balls (bells? or am I thinking of Cow Bell, or is it kettle balls?) and getting rid of these "love handles" -- who LOVES those handles? Really? 

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