Friday, June 10, 2011

And so it was..

I didn't end up blogging during our engagement and whirlwind planning of the wedding. It turns out that writing a book, working and planning a wedding take up quite a bit of mental time and energy. Who knew?

It was amazing. More than we ever dreamed of and we dreamed BIG. Our "Super Hero - Game/Kid" theme worked, oh it SO worked. It was a blast, and beautiful. We had the most important people with us. Our friends, our family and we all danced, we all laughed, we all played.

The New Childrens Museum in San Diego was the perfect Venue

Delicious Crumbs Cupcakes!

Cereal Station Galore!

And to get you up to speed we then headed out for a two week honeymoon in Italy, which was Molto Buono! Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Capri. We took a cooking class, rode vespas, toured around, got lost, had a gondola ride, rode bikes in the gardens. 

Pizza, Pasta, Gelato...
...for 12 days straight -- a carb/sugar -aholics utopia. Loved every second of it. The thought "I'm so full of great food I need to loosen my pants" was said in joy and satisfaction, not disgust or shame. Oh to be in Italy. Also a place where you walk everywhere so somehow after two weeks of that eating lifestyle, not a single pound was gained. People walk there, it's great. 

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