Sunday, June 19, 2011

This is how we do it!

I love that satisfied feeling at the end of a weekend, knowing you got the most of it. And when it's 7:30pm out on Sunday and there's still day light, so it's not yet over. I wish weekends were eternal, not that they are any different for me since i'm technically "working from home." But weekends somehow just scream freedom & fun. Weekends.

The Coops did some good, helped out with the Tree Musketeers in El Segundo, pulling weeds, helping the trees, gardening, so on and so forth for a couple of hours. Got dirty, sore and tired...from gardening. Saw a snake in real life for the first time -- as in, not behind a layer of glass like at the zoos.  I think I've always had this vision that as soon as the snake in real life sees a person, it will either launch itself forward attacking that person or start speaking parseltongue. To my surprise and honest relief, it didnt even acknowledge us. Move along snake, move along. 

U2 concert saturday night, with opening act Lenny Kravitz. Um...A-MAZING. 
Lenny Kravitz=Love! Such a cool vibe, awesome music, and really got everyone moving. Great heart, preaching love and equality, keep on keepin' on brother. 

Bono is badass!! Seriously, a rock star. And a really awesome human being. He's quality, we need more people like that. It was unbelievable. A full 2 hour set, which SO made up for the 1 year postponement from the original show date. A concert and a night not to be forgotten. With the highest of recommendations, get yourself to a Lenny Kravitz or U2 concert sometime in your life. Or the next one. But preferably this one. 

Father's Day, so hey, happy day to all you dad's out there. Went to Dave & Busters with the family, played games, and I must say, it was a swell time had by all. I find my cure all in worry, stress, upset, etc is to just be a kid again. It would be magical if we could bottle up FUN, to be taken in abundant doses whenever needed. 

Random thought, new addition to my "must/really want to meet list." Gordon Ramsay. Don't hate, I really like the guy. Check out Kitchen Nightmares or Master Chef - he seems all rough and tough, but he's got a good heart and the dude is brilliant. So yeah, if you know him, give him a holler from me. 

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