Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boxes and packing and prepping, oh my!

Gone are the days of collecting clutter, saving those Iron Man Dr. Pepper cans just because RDJ's face is on them and hoarding every last bridal magazine I scavenged through. It's time to purge, to strategically pack and stage the house so that it looks so quaint, organized and clean that other people would want to live here. 

We love the house, we love the location, it's all so great. It's just too much, we are downsizing, a lot less land, a little less house. We're married now, we want to find a place of our own, to make our own -- so grown up it's ridiculous. 

Not to mention, a place to start our family in. No bump yet, but we are very excited to make some babies. Cute, cuddly, awesome, kick ass babies -- yes, I'm baby crazy. It's not my fault though, friends are having babies, getting pregnant and invading the hormonal part of my psyche. I've been browsing the website Project Nursery and searching baby names on Baby Center.  I've always known I was impatient, so this whole, 9 month gestation period will be full of decorating, shopping and baking. Again, not pregnant yet...just enjoying the things I get to look forward to. The more I see cute bedding and awesome names, the less I think about the weight gain, morning sickness and insane mood swings. 
Anyway..about packing..
The task is eternal it feels. Packing, moving piles to another room only to face it later. Some things arent meant to be put into square cardboard boxes -- how do I pack 2 big monkey cookie jars?
This means nothing, it came up on a
google image search for Garage Sale
A giant adventure (that's the word I use instead of CHORE -- i trick myself into excitement), a giant adventure we are conquering together. And at the end of it all -- a big garage sale! Here ye, here ye, ladies & gents of Los Angeles...a sale of household things from within a garage will be sold in the coming weeks. I don't think I've ever had a real garage sale, but it looks all folksy and fun, so yeah, that'll happen in a few weeks. 

Added the rock border and all the flowers/plants inside
Created the levels, added brick,
 rock, tree, plants, flowers
Oh ps my husband has apparently become a gardener/landscaper. Hot. The mexican in him emerges. The mexican in me emerges as I pick up Sharkys for his gardening lunch break. Yes, we are both part mexican, I apologize for blowing your mind. 

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