Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I learned while on the honeymoon

The Mr. and I had an incredible honeymoon! We went to New York and Italy. Two weeks of bliss, of adventure, of discovery, of absolute peace. I also compiled a list of things I learned while on our honeymoon.

1. The NY (and even Italian) public transit system puts LA's to shame. 

2. A beday makes a great foot bath.

3. If you walk miles upon miles each day, you are allowed to eat pizza, pasta and gelato. All in one day.

4. Gyros in Rome are delicious.

5. There are a lot of crazy people in LA, relative to NY & Italy

6. English really is a global language.

7. Italian 4 star hotels are more like US 3 star hotels. 

8. A life with no urgency, distraction, time crunch is so much more enjoyable.

9. There are gypsy ladies in Pisa. Those exist? What?

10. Fanta is so refreshingly delicious. Oh and its a different color in Italy than it is in the US. 

11. All zoos are prettier than the LA zoo. Reference points: Bronx Zoo & Rome Zoo (not on this trip, but Detroit Zoo also supports that fact)

12. Skyping midnight Venice time to 3pm San Diego time is pretty bad ass -- technology blows my mind. Time zones blow my mind. 

13. I cannot sleep on red-eye flights --- unless I've already been traveling for 20hours. 

14. Meat is in everything, even if you ask and they say there isnt meat in it. Dont trust them. Maybe to them bacon/ham isnt meat? Damn my vegetarianism being naively invaded.

15. As a naive, white, obvious tourist (in pink shades and a straw hat)- I became a paranoid, judgemental, subway/bus rider. Internal Dialogue "Is someone going to pickpocket me? Am I being judged? OMG is he pulling out a gun...oohh just his cell phone.What is that smell, is it an invisible gas that will knock us all out? Why am I being groped it's not that crowded in here! I've fooled them, the only thing in my purse are mints, tissues and snacks. Take that -- bad guys! and gypsy ladies!" 

16. No bed is as good as your own bed. 

I suppose exploring for two weeks will inevitably leave you with thoughts, ponderances - yes I just invented that word- questions, answers, desires, dreads, etc. That's life. Bottom line is this. I loved every last second of our honeymoon, absolute perfection. And I come away knowing that I could live in Manhattan or Florence. I could totally pitch a tent and never leave. Metaphorically speaking-- I hate tents and camping, and dirt and bugs. 

LA will do for now, it's home. 

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