Thursday, June 23, 2011

the things we find..

As mentioned a few days ago, the Mr. has sprouted a green thumb. He's been fixing up the backyard and the front, and yesterday I hear "Babe! Come look at what I found!" Expecting to see a chest full of gold medallions or a buried treasure map, I was quite surprised and totally geeked out about this natural history museum status discovery...

...okay maybe not museum status, we're guessing it's a squirrel. But I'm used to catching them like this...

Packing [slash] organizing inside the house -- which is my realm of duty these days -- has had it's own discoveries. I found a $100 Bloomingdales gift card in a purse I havent used in months, that I had suspected the cleaning ladies of taking. I'm horrible. I have also found myself becoming more and more sarcastic. But that's who I am -- a bit rough, a bit inapropriate, I guess much like a pirate, and all is escalated when we play Halo & Gears of War-- but anyway, I found these questions I think are really valuable to get you in a positive place and have really helped me, but amidst the task I think otherwise. 
"What am I most proud of in my life right now?" 
[The fact that I finished all those cheese and crackers from last nights meeting.]
"How has today added to the quality of my life?" 
[I am now that much more sore and ready to ditch everything just so I don't have to pack it -- well except for those mini Buddha statues that I love, oh and that sweater, and those vases...okay shit, I can't let go.] 

The weather is beautiful,  I want to be running through a field...naked...taking pictures of butterflies...chewing on grass...wearing a straw hat. Or..not, but apparently thats my stereotypical view of a hippy/free spirited/person nakedly taking pictures of butterflies while running through a field.

In reality -- which I am more and more often losing track of-- I want to be in a sun dress on a hammock with my husband and a glass of peach raspberry crystal light while snacking on Crumbs black bottom cheesecake brownie cupcakes. That is bliss.

Oh bliss I yearn for you.

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