Thursday, June 30, 2011

word of the week: deceptively delicious

Me and my best friend
Been busy catching up on my "social life" this week, as we were total recluse's during our packing frenzy last week. It's nice to reconnect with friends and it's also nice to know that you're best friend is the one you have the rest of your life with. We have lots of friends and we love them all. There's also this amazing comfort in knowing that the person you married is your absolute best friend and that you can be anti-social together. Yep, sometimes all we want to do is stay in, watch a movie and eat junk food and fall asleep by ten. 
So I love my most recent, delicious discovery. Morningstar Farms. I had "Chik'n Nuggets" for lunch the other day...but I'm a vegetarian! How is that possible??? Well..they were fake chicken nuggets that taste like chicken. And that's not all...they have corndogs! They look, smell, taste just like real corn dogs, but they arent real, they are deceptively delicious. Mmm...I've never been big into the "fake" meat stuff, but these two make me feel like a bad ass carnivore. Everytime I eat them I feel the urge to say "look! I'm eating meat...not!" 
This isn't me btw! ha! Not even close..
And after that meatless meat meal I decided to start lifting kettle bells again to work on my abstastic abs. I like them for some reason, because I can actually feeeel my abs working. I stand there in front of the mirror in just a sports bra while I do my kettle bell exercises so that I can stare at my love handles and non-tight abs and shame myself into another set of lifts. The shame. 
my photo of bronson canyon
I went for a hike the other day, it was about noon and over 80 degrees out. The ground was dry and everything was the same dry burnt brown color like hay. I was certain this was "rattlesnake weather." They always talk about that, "oh be careful, it's them there rattlesnake season." I'm guessing it's the heat or something. I was so certain I'd see a rattlesnake...I dont know why but I was...that I brought my camera. With the thought that I would have the mental awareness and serenity to pop off my lense cap, focus and take pictures if a rattlesnake was suddenly on the path in front of me. Thankfully I didnt see any snakes, and I was looking...watching the ground two steps ahead...glancing into holes as I passed by...listening for a slither. I don't know what I was thinking, there was no way in hell that if a rattlesnake had appeared I would maintain the composure necesary to not move and to take pictures. I would be high tailing it down the path at record speeds. Again, nothing to worry about as I didnt actually see a snake, just spent alot of mental alone time living out each of the possibilities. 

I've always wanted to be a magician, I just havent proven that I have the patience or discipline to master it. It's just an awesome thing that I've always loved to see and attempt. 
So back in January, James & I had a birthday party together since our birthdays are just one day apart. It was a lot of fun, we had lots of friends at our house and we hired this guy, Fantastic Fig the psychic magician to come and entertain our guests with cool magic tricks. This guy is pretty...bizarre and also amazingly good at the magic he does, it's mind blowing. Funnily enough, he's also an attorney. Anyway, he was on America's Got Talent this week and got selected to move on the their Vegas round. Here's the video below!

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