Thursday, November 11, 2010

You'll know when you know

Have you ever heard someone say:
 "You'll know when you know!" 
I've been hearing that a lot lately and being a "feelings" person, I'm finding it more and more true.

It all starts with the one. That's right, the ambiguously mysterious, ONE
The one and only person you are absolutely meant to spend your life with...and yes, as the saying goes...
you'll know when you know, and if you aren't sure you know, then that's not the one!

The day came for me, and I knew. Just knew, this feeling inside where all you wanted was to do everything right to keep this one right by your side. Seems I did just that, we dated, we travelled, we played, we fought, we loved and loved and loved and now we are getting married

Finding someone who has, by choice and choice alone (no force was used -- I promise), decided, I guess committed is the word, to spend their life with me! ME?! The eternal smart ass, forever five year old, unexplainable mix of stresser and optimist, foul mouthed and overly emotional ME! 

And so it was, 10/10/10, an afternoon on the beautiful riverbank in the Arboretum of Ann Arbor-Michigan, preceded by a delicious Zingermann's picnic and proceeded by a hike, it happened. Perfectly, simply, it was, it is and forever will be magical! 

So I'm a sap? We all have our faults.  I love Love to a point of cutesy nicknames and school girl type excitement. I love Love to the point that cleaning the kitchen is a pleasure, cooking his favorite meal is a joy and playing Gears of War is a night out! I've fallen, for him, into an endless abyss of possibility and awesomeness, even if thought so only by us, let it be awesome

You'll know when you know.

The early stages of planning a wedding have yet again proved it's truth. Stay tuned for the details, ideas and crazy times. 

The life of being engaged, the wonder, the prospect, the journey. 

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