Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Come On Down!

A couple of weeks ago, just after James & I had been watching The Price is Right, I received an email announcing a taping of The Price is Right for expectant mothers. Of course, in our post TPIR "we would have won the showcase showdown" high, we were immediately sold on the idea and I reserved two tickets.

This is when my research began. I wanted to know what I was in for. How they selected the contestants? What is the whole taping process like? Based on what I read, they do group interviews with the producer and he selects people that he think would be good for the show, throughout the show, they continue to watch the people they've narrowed it down to, and make selections as the show goes on. I was ready to bring my A-game. Smile, personality, charisma, jokes. Yes, I can do this! I am totally good at first impressions. I'm guessing every lady there felt the same way. 

So our taping was at 1pm on Monday, they ask you to arrive at 8:30am and suggest you get there around 7:00am to guarantee you get a place for the taping. We waited in the outdoor line for about an hour and a half. A couple hundred pregnant women, standing in a line at 7:00am. That is the power of TPIR. We then moved into the first holding area where we received our #s, IDs are checked, name tags are written and pictures are taken. You then move into holding area #2 where you wait for your turn in the group interviews. We eavesdropped on the other group interviews and the producer was fantastic at his job. Made people comfortable, made them laugh, asked questions. It came to our group and he simply went through and asked what we do and then he moved on to the next group. What? Yeah...seemed rather uninterested, it was then that I accepted that I would not have a chance at being chosen. What happened? I smiled, I (attempted) to use my charm. And my husband had even got up at 4am that morning to make me a funny t-shirt to wear. It said "Drew, it's YOUR baby!" Yeah, my husband is pretty awesome. Then I figured, if I look half as tired as I feel, I probably wouldn't have picked me either. Moving on..

We waited in line to check in our cell phones and waited in holding area #3 for another couple of hours. Here they had TVs with episodes of the show and we were able to buy food and snacks. Thank goodness! The downside was that there were only 2 bathroom stalls -- meaning each time one of us pregnant ladies had to pee, we had to wait in line for atleast 15 minutes. Logistically, having all of us there was a bit of a stretch. 

Next we finally got to take our seats in the studio! It was so neat to walk into, very retro, just like on TV. Except so much smaller than I imagined! The camera people are great at what they do because it's like an illusion. The audience section on TV looks much bigger, but it's actually quite small and snug. The stage is also smaller than I had pictured, because in between each game or prize, the set changes and pieces move in and out to make it fit whatever is next. Drew talked to the audience during each break between sets and he's really funny, mostly because he thinks he's funny. Always ends up laughing at his own jokes before he even says them. 

The show was alot of fun, and all of us in the audience received a giveaway worth $300 courtesy of TheBump.com. Got a super cute Adan + Anais swaddle blanket and mum & bub cream, a diaper pail, Gift Cards to Motherhood and Pediped and other goodies. 

All in all, it was fun, but it tested every last ounce of patience, energy, and bladder control that I have. Arriving at 7:00am and getting out of the show around 3:00pm. I'm probably never going to do that again...

The show airs October 25th, in case anyone wants to see it and to search me out in the crowd to see what awkward faces they undoubtably caught me with. I think my boobs were in most of the bidding shots as we were only three rows back behind contestants row. 

Here we go, 35 weeks! Wondering if the child is going to be as much of a beast as we've somehow imagined him to be...this being typed as he simultaneously hiccups on my bladder and kicks my ribs. 

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