Tuesday, September 27, 2011

watch yourselves

thats the gay guy from modern family. <3 modern family
Obama was in West Hollywood yesterday. Let me preface this by saying, I support Obama. Yes, he could be a little more bold, he probably could also get a little more done. Granted, he has gotten a great amount done. I mean, c'mon, he's the president...of the whole country. Not an easy job. But anyway, politics is a whole other beast. My point was, Obama was in West Hollywood, which is a very gay community here in LA. So all I wanted to tell Obama, seeing as I was two blocks away at a dental cleaning--hell!!---is this, "If you're going to come to West Hollywood, you better have the balls to legalize gay marriage...mofo!" I definitely wish he was a bit more liberal for pete's sake. [I recently found out my mom reads my blog, which is great, I think that's awesome, but I found myself censoring out "for f&cks sake" and replaced it with pete. Who is pete? Anyway, it's because I love my mom so much I don't want to ruin her image of me. Because you know she thinks I'm this great awesome lady-like woman, right? hah!]
you tell 'em, rawr. took this at la zoo.
Then I was driving on the streets. And here's something I've noticed, maybe it's because we are totally in love with our new town so we have this jaded "we don't miss you" type of attitude for the rest of LA, but drivers here in Pasadena are nicer. I was in Hollywood yesterday, turning right, but having to wait because pedestrians aka human beings, were crossing the street. The car behind me honks. Oh I'm sorry we have to wait 16 seconds to allow these living beings to cross the street, next time i'll make sure to run you over when you are crossing the street, you know, because maybe the asshole in the car behind me is in a rush or something. Even if his wife was in the car having a baby, he still shouldnt have honked, because if i went, crushed one person and then that lady had a baby we would still be at square one. One dead, one born. But if she was having twins, that would be another story. We would still be up +1 so maybe it would be worth it. Either way, quit honking. I dont honk I just stew in my frustration and anger at all of the other terrible drivers. 
this guy  must be waiting for directv too. took this at la zoo.
We had a Directv appointment today, from 8am-12pm. That dreaded 4 hour window. So I make sure to stay home instead of getting errands done, going to the gym, or showering. Being productive as to not focus on the fact that time is passing because you know they always come at the end of the 4 hour window. I get a call at 12pm. They are at our old house. Which makes no sense since we've updated our address twice. Let alone the fact that they were at our new house a month ago to install the satellite. Have to reschedule for tomorrow. Awesome. 

So what we can make of this is the following: I have a low tolerance for people if they 1. Dont treat people equally, 2. Ask me to run people over and 3. Waste my time. Watch yourselves.

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