Sunday, September 4, 2011

being a woman

We have over 30 pillow cases. Seriously. Why? Will there ever be a point in time where I've used all 30 of them before doing the wash? Or will those uglier ones, or the ones on the bottom of the pile forever be neglected and unused? I spent an hour, very precisely folding those pillow cases to fit into our new (narrow) linen closet.  And then I spent the next hour figuring out those damned fitted sheets. Right as I was envisioning some invention that helps you fold a fitted sheet with the ease of a flat sheet, i had done it! And I must say, I exceeded my own expectations. Laying it out on the bed, taking those crinkly elastic sides and folding them over until it had a square shape and then folding it from there. Beautiful. My old method included a couple of folds and then just rolling the entire thing into a ball. The new closets don't have space for 6 balls of fitted sheets so I had to stretch myself and unveil new strengths in my repertoire of a domestic woman. Ha!

Speaking of woman, we were out to dinner last night and I walked into the bathroom and there was a full length mirror and I saw myself walk in and thought "I am a woman!" Which was quite empowering, since up until that point I'd been grumbling to myself about some of the weight I've gained. I'm not fat or over weight whatsoever, but the fact is, I have gained some weight. But I saw myself in the mirror, with my curves and realized, I'm a woman. I'm not that skinny little girl anymore, and it was suddenly all okay with me. I am staying healthy (really I am), and I definitely want to be more active, but what the hell, I'm a woman. I am allowed to have hips and thighs and all that goodness. So there it is. My husband will be relieved, he's been unmoving in his constant "I love all of you! You are amazing and beautiful just the way you are!" as I sadly groan about my love handles while slurping down that oreo shake. Love of my life that guy is, pretty freaking awesome. 

There ends my go-me-go-being-a-woman rant. It's time for some ego waffles.

he even carried my purse all around italy. thats love. thats a man.

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