Tuesday, August 23, 2011

it's nesting time

Today I saw a bus stop poster that made my day. Anderson Cooper is getting his own talk show. Yep, that's right. He's adorable, intelligent, and we share the same last name, which is okay, except now I cant name my future son Anderson. Jump to 2:25 to make your life that much better.

Trying to find some inspiration for new home decor once we move into the new place -- which by the way is in 2 DAYS!!!!! -- anyway, comment with some links/pics and all sorts of fantastic ideas. First step will be the living room and dining room. I'm having a hard time zoning in on my "style." I really like a modern style, but also funky mismatch pieces, I love color, and something that will be good and comfy with kids also. 


Oh yeah, and I'm loving The Nest and I will totally be breaking in our new kitchen with these recipes...every week...do yourself a favor and check them out, they all have chocolate, let me know how they go!

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