Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The circus has landed

Deep breathes, deep breathes.
We moved! Happy face.

While our 8 month old was teething with his very first tooth. Sad face. 

My life is now a demonstration of emoticons. Each emotion lasting all but a few seconds before another comes by. And by the end of each day I end up looking like the emoticon with two big eyes and a straight line as its mouth. An exhausted, emotionless, unfocused mess. Mess as in a physical mess. Wearing these weird sweatpant material awkward length shorts, a bright green t-shirt, and smelling like I bathed with a dirty baby.  And here I am...looking at the kitchen which is in a state of disarray as I snack on the "hidden"stash of dove chocolates that James put in a cabinet that I forgot about for a couple of weeks, only to be overjoyed by this (sort of) new discovery. But only because I earned that chocolate. I cleaned up a mashed avocado, the pots and pans that I stubbed my toe on, and the hot chocolate packets that lay all over the floor because our wonderful 9 month old obviously has the nose of a drug sniffing dog to find that powdery goodness. Unopened thank god. End scene. Repeat nightly. And then remember the 12 hours prior that make it all worth it. 

Anyway, things are finally calming down here, after a couple of weeks of life being a circus. I'm trying to convince myself that it's calmed down even though there are a couple of mounds of laundry and unpacked boxes right behind me. In the kitchen. Oh and the entire house is covered in dust because of the work being done. The number of times I have swept, mopped, vacuumed, and swiffered has been deemed pointless. Not that anyone is counting but it's got to be in the hundreds. I forever resent the floor installers who were sawing in the house. Ffffffff. 

I can't grumble too much because we found our "long-term" home. Long-term for us is probably 10 years. We live in a great neighborhood, with an awesome elementary school that we can walk to, a safe area, an incredible view, plenty of space, and a strong investment. Everything lined up and things fell into place.

*As you can see by parts of this post, specifically the mention of "our 8 month old" and "our 9 month old," this draft to completion took me a month. We do not, in fact, have a second mystery baby. I have about 6 drafts staring at me with this weepy look of incompleteness.

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