Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't mess with me...

...or I may take passive aggressive measures to let you know that you have irked me.

Hence, the note I left on a car after my massage. After a nice, calming, and relaxing morning at the spa, I come out to find that I can't even open my car door enough to fit my leg in. Way to make a lady feel fat. 

Though my initial response was a lot less passive, and a lot more angry, I decided not to let it be a complete buzz kill and left them a note. Because I don't want people thinking they can get away with being a jerk to me. And parking THAT close to another person's driver side door, is definitely jerk territory. It was actually quite liberating. 

With that aside, I really did have a nice morning at the spa. I got to sit in the jacuzzi for all of 5 minutes because it takes me 10 long minutes to get into it because it's so hot and  I am apparently super intolerant of those temperatures. I'm always that weirdo inching my way in, splashing water on myself to try and make the transition easier. Walking down to the next step and quickly stepping back up. It's terribly humbling, especially when others walk right in. I envy their strength. 

I am also the person that makes all the naked people feel uncomfortable because I wear my bathing suit, well I have only since I've had the baby. Frankly, I'm not quite comfortable enough yet with my post-baby body to be hanging out naked in the hot tub, especially with my (still growing) boobs. Those aren't to be shown off. So to all you naked ladies at the spa, I am sorry for being THAT lady. Trust me, it's for the benefit of us all. 

In other news, we had our first family photo shoot a couple of days ago, and it was with our amazing wedding photographers, Jagger Photography. Here are some of the awesome wedding shots they took for us almost two years ago:

Which is why I am so excited to see all of the great pictures they got with us this week, of which I know Henry will be the star. Getting my picture taken for actual pictures is so completely uncomfortable for me. I don't know what to do with my face, or my arms, or my legs, or anything for that matter. And when I'm taking pictures with James who has no problem with it, and Henry who is simply the most adorable creature on the planet, I feel totally out of place. So here's to hoping we get a few that I can be proud of! 

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