Friday, January 11, 2013

To nap, or not to nap. That is the plea.

My kid is basically a no-nonsense nap fighter. He means business. He does not want to nap and he makes sure you know it. He may be exhausted, rubbing his beautiful little eyes, yawning and being generally fussy, but don't let that fool you, he does not want to nap. Logic escapes me, or better yet, escapes Henry, as I wonder why, if he is so tired, he refuses to nap. I try to reason with him, "If you take a nap and get some rest you will feel so much better, and we can play and read and eat and have a great time." 

He takes nothing I say seriously. 
So I write this while watching him on the baby monitor, the sweetest little thing starting to stir after just a half hour of rest. A half hour asleep after what was a 90 minute battle to get him to sleep. I guess I shouldn't say battle when it really was just hanging out with my awesome kid. We bounced and rocked and walked around. We hummed and shushed and sang a song. We laid together and we nursed. Nothing calmed his crying and fighting. Until finally he just went calm. He lay against me in the rocking chair with his eyes wide open, but completely still and calm. My sweet sweet boy. And eventually, time took it's toll and he closed his eyes and went to sleep. 

And then he woke up, 30 quick minutes later. Sigh...

We are very lucky to have such an easy baby. We've known this from day 1. And we hear it quite regularly from people. "He is such a happy baby." "I've never seen such a calm baby just sit there like that." And it's true, we are able to go out to restaurants to eat, we've gone to plenty of Mommy & Me movie showings, we go for walks and run errands. And he is seriously a great little dude, and we love being able to take him out with us. 

All that being said, he still hates napping. 

I'll never understand.

What I would do for a nap...

It's this funny cycle we go through. Fighting naps as infants and toddlers, taking naps again in kindergarten, staying up late once we hit our teen years, taking naps daily in college, no time for naps once you have a job and responsibilities and stuff, and then yearning for naps once you have a child. Sleep. 

I will NEVER EVER take it for granted. 

I know some people think it's a waste of time to sleep more than six hours, and yes, maybe I could get more done if I stayed up super late or got up super early, but I am generally a more tolerable human being if I've gotten some decent sleep.

So for the sake of my family...I will sleep whenever I get the opportunity. 

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