Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolving to be happy

So here we are again, a week into the new year. This time though, the calendar on our iphones reads 2013 instead of 2012. Every year we have all of these goals and plans and resolutions, but every year LIFE gets in the way. Which isn't always a bad thing, but it just goes to show, you can't plan everything. You can't expect to have any idea of what is going to happen in the next 12 months. You can't predict what opportunities will come up, how your goals will change, or if you'll still want to do 100 jumping jacks a day come February. Lest I find myself still wanting to use this New Year as a way to focus on things to live by, rather than things to DO. It's easier to live a certain way than to do certain things. For me at least.

Here are some of the things I want to be more a part of my (and our) life this year. Why? Well, because I think I will be happiest while living this way. And if I am happy I can be an awesome wife and a kick ass mom. And ultimately, that's what's most important to me.

1. Explore/Adventure: 
Essentially, try new things, take risks, push my comfort zone and say YES to opportunities. 

2. Give/Care: 
We encountered many warm amazing people in 2012 who are just naturally GOOD people.  I am inspired by there innate kindness. 

3. Grow/Strive: 
To keep learning, to become even more myself, without worry about outside judgements.

4. Positive People: 
Surround ourselves with people that we enjoy. Keep the drama out and stay connected to the down to earth, real people. Our people.

So yeah. I figure keeping these present in my mind will allow me to make decisions that align with these ideas.

Now that I feel I've taken myself far too seriously, I'll end this post with a joke I saw someone post on Facebook.

Q: What is the worst kind of vegetable to take on a boat?

A: A leek. 


You're welcome. Now go away. 

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  1. I love this post!!!!
    Beutiful job amazing woman


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