Saturday, October 6, 2012

What I've Learned So Far

(flashback to 4 weeks ago when I wrote this and never hit the publish button because I was probably interrupted by a diaper change or an episode of Property Brothers on HGTV....)

It's been nearly six weeks, since the wonderful Henry has entered our lives. I can hardly remember what life was like before having our baby, let alone before being pregnant. Realizing that I am six weeks post partum, makes me accept that I may have been a little overambitious with my list of things I wanted to be doing before six weeks post partum. For instance, writing. Yeah...that hasnt happened, it looks as if my pregnancy baby brain has carried over into mom brain. Even when I get "free time" it is nearly impossible to actually focus on anything. I have enough of an attention span to check my facebook or read up on the daily news and political escapades, but it stops there. I have quite a few half written posts, half read books, and half done chores.

But I realized, I'm not entirely helpless...I have learned a few things that I figured I could share.

1. Pee, Poop, and Spit Up are not in fact capable of my demise. I'm actually okay with sleeping on a sheet that has dried spitup, or catching baby poop in my hand as I change yet another diaper.

2. Speaking of diapers...we go through ALOT. Atleast 10 a day, and I'm certain we get to 12 some days. A baby's body is so efficient that after they eat, they pee and poop within 10 minutes. Or atleast Henry does. And in mass quantities. With no modesty. Oh the humanity!

3. My body has somehow biologically morphed to functioning well with just 3 hours of sleep.

4. Things are alot easier than I expected. Trust me, it's been six weeks and I'm still alive, my husband is still alive, and so is Henry! All very good signs at this point in the game. 

5. Your marriage doesnt need to take a backseat once you have a baby. It may take more of an effort, but it is so possible to continue growing together. We make sure to love, laugh, and connect everyday, it's what keeps me balanced, or atleast fools me into thinking I'm balanced.

6. Time Flies! I found myself getting sentimental when I packed up the newborn clothes Henry has recently grown out of.  I cannot believe how much he has grown and how much time has already passed. Thinking about the future makes my heart ache...the day he goes to school, moves out, gets married...ohhhh say it aint so. 

7. There is no "right" way to do anything because all babies and all parents are different. We go with instincts and intuition most of the time. You really don't need to read tons of baby books, or to worry every minute of every day. 

(flashforward to now...the other half-dozen, half-written posts will be posted at some point) 

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