Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my heart is in ann arbor

Sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once. Everytime we head back and visit Ann Arbor, I so wish we lived there...but I also like living here in LA. Aside from the occasional reminder that we are in the midwest, I totally love it there. Walk everywhere, tons of delicious places to eat [Frita Batidos, Zingerman's], cute little shops and farmers markets [Kerrytown], it feels like a real community.  Anyway, my heart is in Ann Arbor. Go Blue and f*ck OSU. See? I belong there. And as a shirt I saw said "Harry Potter Hates Ohio." So there. Ultimate dis. 

And now we're back to good old pasadena livin'.
I did, what seemed to be, an infinite amount of laundry yesterday [WHYYYY], so I decided to throw in the most unrelated thing simultaneously...I had the tennis match on. Nadal versus some other guy. The other guy won. But Nadal is adorable, manly, sweaty, intense. He should have won, for that alone. But he didnt. He kind of reminds me of the new bachelor [who was on bachelorette], Ben, who I also think should have won but didnt. 

i promise i will reenact this photo. 
I went to the gym last night and I must say, I absolutely kicked ass. I did 60 minutes of cardio and burned 550 calories. Which immediately led to me buying oreos. It's all about balance, so judge if you wish, I feel awesome and the oreos were amazing. And, dont tell my pesimistic, grumpy alter-ego this, but I plan to commit to going to the gym and seeing some results! What? Me? Committing...working hard...not bitching. So unheard of yet, it is true. 

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